We have all done it at some stage and just thrown the jeans, shirt or jumper into the washing machine or dryer without looking at the care label or checking pockets. Sometimes we are left scratching our heads to find what went into the machine isn’t the same as what came out. Never mind the paper tissues that was hiding at the bottom of some pocket, causing your laundry to have a white snowy effect like a newly pebble-dashed wall! The big problem is when your expensive cashmere jumper now just about fits a Barbie Doll or the pair of jeans you thought were colourfast now has coloured everything else a lovely shade of Indigo.

It pays to read the label but sometimes you’d be excused for thinking you need a degree in Egyptian hieroglyphics to translate those symbols into something that is easier to understand. Today we have the solution. We have a little cheat sheet for you to print out. Just stick the cheat sheet on the wall in the laundry room. The people at Textile Industry Affairs have created a one-page solution that will mean you will always have the answer to those symbols and know exactly what to do. Don’t forget we can alleviate the burden for you too. Just drop your laundry into any our shops. Otherwise here is the link.