As soon as the time changes it feels that spring has really arrived but this year Easter is only a week after the time changes. The next time Easter arrives this early is 2024 when it falls on March 31st.

For those that have kids in their lives be it sons, daughters, nephews, nieces or grandchildren, it’s a busy time. Schools are off and outdoor activities are on the cards. Even though the grass is still wet it doesn’t stop young kids from slipping sliding and having a good time while they can. The Easter egg hunt is very popular and it is genuinely great fun to see kids search every nook and cranny for that last egg ( the one that you cruelly keep in your pocket just in case they find every egg too quickly!!).

However, what is not good fun is trying to clean those grass marks of clothes. Of course, the worse marks always seem to be on the clothes that are brand new or the special clothes you have been saving for Easter. It’s like they know what will drive you mad. Maybe it’s payback for hiding all those eggs so cleverly!

 Grass stains will come out but you need to be fairly quick and try and prevent the stain from drying in too much. Soaking the stain in a solution of water and detergent is great but remember to check the care label and don’t use cleaners that could bleach or discolour garment especially if your only treating a small area. Wash the clothes as usual, but be careful don’t put the clothes in the dryer until you’ve checked the stain has gone completely. The alternative, of course, is to give them to us and let us do all the work for you.