This one is for the ladies (and guys). April is here and so too is the Sun. Well, April is here anyway…….the Sun maybe slightly delayed! You can start to see the summer clothes appearing with bright colours and light materials. You can also see the complexion that only the Celts seem to possess that winter look of milk bottle white legs and arms. That’s why Ireland is one of the best consumers of tan products and makeup.

There is such a vast array of tan products alone it is hard to discern which ones to choose. The task of applying makeup and tan products is an art form, so too, unfortunately, is the art of removing the stains that tan and makeup products leave behind. It doesn’t matter if the products are water or oil based or if the pigments are synthetic or organic, makeup stains are very hard to remove.

Obviously, with a tan product, it is recommended that the product is applied at least a day before an occasion but then comes the dreaded night time routine for the bed. How many times have you woke to find your sheets have a better tan application than you have. There are solutions, don’t ever use white sheets or you’ll regret it. You can use bed liners specifically made for after-tan application. But that doesn’t take care of everything.

There are times when that waterproof mascara seems to be only waterproof when it gets on your clothes and that new foundation just doesn’t compliment your shirt or blouse collar as much as your face. We have heard it so often from clients that washing and rewashing will not work. That’s why they come to us. There are many tips for everything regards laundry but when it comes to makeup removal, save yourself time and stress and leave it to us. It really is the simplest