Its one of those jobs that you either love or hate. Some people look at ironing as therapy and can easily get lost in the rhythm as they effortlessly complete the basketful of laundry. Others really find it a chore and sometimes will do anything to avoid it. Putting it on the long finger will only work for a while before it gradually turns into that inevitable task that you have to tackle. Everybody has tried at some stage to iron their jeans and tees. Many would have seen their Mam or Dad when they were younger, pressing each item, steam rising from an old cloth to make it easier and the noise of the cable going back and forth as it hit off the ironing board in  a back and over rhythm. Some take great pride in their work and you know the really good ones who like ironing when the creases are so perfect along shirt sleeves or a pair of trousers. There definitely is an art in doing it perfectly. For those that don’t fancy the task or just want a break, you can always use the skill of a professional laundry service like Gills Dry Cleaners.

Just so as you can see the care and dedication some people take have a look at this video on how to iron a shirt perfectly.